Research Partnerships

WEPC researchers are partnering with education agencies around the country to conduct rigorous research that informs and advances effective policies and practices.


Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

WEPC’s partnership with Massachusetts encompasses multiple projects focused on understanding the state of the educator workforce.  

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Connecticut State Department of Education

WEPC has partnered with Connecticut to examine the policies and practices that shape a high-quality, diverse educator workforce. 

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Indiana Department of Education

WEPC has partnered with Indiana to study the policies and practices that influence English learners and students with disabilities. 

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Indianapolis Public Schools

To help IPS better understand the efficiency and efficacy of its teacher recruitment efforts, WEPC estimated the costs of hiring across schools. 

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The Five District Partnership (5DP)

WEPC is helping these Massachusetts districts understand the flow of educators of color into and out of their schools.

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Mississippi Department of Education

WEPC evaluated the effects of Mississippi’s Read by Grade 3” test-based promotion policy on students’ test scores and non-test-score outcomes. 

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