Connecticut State Department of Education

WEPC has partnered with Connecticut to examine the policies and practices that shape a high-quality, diverse educator workforce. By linking the state’s teacher and student data together for the first time, WEPC is generating rigorous evidence to inform Connecticut’s policy agenda regarding teacher licensure, teacher pathways, and teacher shortages. 


Understanding the Role of Teacher Licensure Exams 

Amid national conversations about changing teacher licensure policies, WEPC is studying how Connecticut’s Praxis II subject-area licensure exam requirement influences teacher employment and effectiveness. This includes examining the causal effect of failing a Praxis II exam on the likelihood of becoming a teacher, as well as understanding the relationship between Praxis II performance and teachers’ later effectiveness in the classroom. 

Researchers: Alexis Orellana, Marcus Winters


Identifying Teacher Shortage Areas in Connecticut 

Drawing upon several different data sources, WEPC examined how teacher supply and demand in Connecticut vary by subject area, grade level, and region. These analyses incorporated information on job vacancies, new teacher certifications, teacher preparation program completion, and student enrollment to provide Connecticut with a comprehensive understanding of teacher shortages across the state. 

Researchers: Alexis Orellana, Marcus Winters

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