Meagan Comb

Executive Director

Meagan has held several roles as both an education policymaker and practitioner, often working to build bridges between the two.

Prior to WEPC, Meagan served as the Director of Educator Effectiveness at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education where she oversaw the state’s policies and practices on teacher and leader preparation, educator assessment and licensure, educator evaluation, induction & mentoring, teacher recognition and diverse workforce efforts. During her tenure, Meagan led a team of thirteen people, secured more than five million dollars in grant funding for the department and invested significantly in a robust research agenda to evaluate the work and shape decision-making.

Trained to be a teacher as an undergraduate at Boston University, Meagan has worked in the Durham, North Carolina and the Boston Public Schools as an elementary teacher and instructional literacy coach. Throughout her teaching career, she complemented her classroom work with policy roles at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, The National Council for Teacher Quality and Teach Plus. She also continues to consult with state education agencies with a focus on reforming teacher preparation, licensure systems and workforce policies aligned with evidence-based early literacy instruction. 

She was born, raised and educated in Massachusetts and is a proud mom of three boys just starting their schooling experience.

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